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Foundation of the Faculty:
The faculty of Arts and Media is one of the applied faculties of Misurata University. It was established by the Council of Ministers' decision no. 279 of 2014. The faculty is represented by its dean.
The first academic year of the faculty was in 2014/2015 after the activation of the Council of Ministers' decision. Due to this decision, the Media Department in the Faculty of Arts and the Artistic Education Department in the Faculty of Education were merged into one separate faculty. The faculty indeed seeks to develop the educational process in accordance with the latest developments by attracting and hiring university lecturers from all around the world to take advantage of their knowledge in a way that benefits students and encourages them to achieve distinction, scale up creativity and give a new vision to the Libyan media and art.
The Faculty of Arts and Media started to steadfastly proceed towards its position among distinguished faculties, opening the door to creating a generation of media professionals, craftsmen, creative artists, and professionals in the different fields of its various departments.
The faculty was a dream that turned into reality as a separate faculty with its own entity, made up of departments in which students can choose to major in whatever field matches their interests. We must say that conversion of departments into a separate faculty is a huge outstanding step and a starting point for the field of Arts and Media towards brilliance and creativity, giving the faculty the opportunity of claiming its position among the top faculties in the field, so that students could develop their level of education and the faculty gets the opportunity of creating a distinguished generation that serves the interest of the country by providing institutions specialized in media and arts with professionals of different related specializations.

Our Dean

Higher education all around the world represents the engine of progress and development. Indeed, it is the best way to bring prosperity and stability.
Therefore, in the Faculty of Arts and Media, we seek to do our best to achieve a number of objectives in furtherance of developing the educational process, so that the faculty can do its role as a model institution, the aim of which is to create a generation of well-qualified professionals in media and arts. They in turn will hopefully play their role in building minds and raising awareness and reason for people. We do our best to provide high-quality education in accordance with global standards, in addition to developing the level of academic services for students and improving them according to the needs of the labor market.
We hope that the faculty will achieve the mission entrusted to it to create a generation of excellent designers, artists, and media professionals who are able to hold the trust and advance our society in light of the challenges the country is witnessing.
Hoping that the faculty would achieve the goal for which it was established by creating a generation of remarkable well-qualified designers, artists and media professionals who are capable of doing their part in developing our society, despite all the circumstances and challenges that the country goes through.


The Faculty of Arts and Media, in the light of Misurata University, is looking forward to investing in human resources by providing well-qualified teaching and applied academic staff who would achieve distinction, brilliance, and quality as well as insure the contribution of individuals in nation-building. In addition to enhancing the capacities of the teaching staff in scientific research and continuous learning and presenting the best academic programs in a way that meets the expectations of students and their interests in the light of the needs of the current and future labor market in society.


The faculty of Arts and Media seeks to create professional specialized staff in the field of arts and media and interior design so that the faculty becomes distinct in applied sciences related to the field, by providing an academic system that focuses on distinction, quality, and brilliance and invests in human resources according to the basic needs of learning.


1. Spreading the Arabic and Islamic cultures.
2. Creating researchers who are capable of promoting development inside educational institutions and who can play an effective role in solving the problems of society.
3. Creating highly-competent specialized scientific personnel who are capable of covering the needs of society in related fields.
4. Giving particular attention to cultural and artistic heritage.
5. Providing media institutions and research centers with professionals who have technical and educational qualifications in the different majors.
6. Providing students with necessary experiences that would help them realize their future responsibility and manage to keep up with the latest developments in the fields of media and arts which will help them serve society.
7. Promoting the development of capacities related to media, science, art, and culture for students.
8. Providing the society with well-qualified scientific competencies who are committed to all their obligations.

These goals are to be achieved through the following procedures and activities:
1. Preparing plans and educational programs, depending on the department concerned.
2. Developing the curricula in accordance with the accelerating scientific developments in the world.
3. Arranging lectures and scientific activities for students in the different departments.
4. Arranging artistic, cultural, and social activities, including (seminars, lectures, workshops, film screenings, heritage cultural scientific exhibitions, competitions, and literary evenings). In addition to specialized courses in the fields of art, design, and media.
5. Conducting field studies for identifying the problems of society and solving them.

Scientific Departments

Fine Arts Department
Interior Design Department
Journalism Department
TV and Radio Department
Public Relations and Advertising Department